I thought I was doing well but when I get better everything crashes so that’s always a plus…

Rping wise? That’s not going to happen. I’m just not sure about anything anymore. Keep on scrolling my friends.


                                                           ——     Blood Bringer

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i told myself “im gonna enhance the bass on thrift shop like that dancing queen post” but i went horribly wrong

audaciaferociax I have both of your manga caps complete! You can use them for whatever purpose! They are yours!

I was tagged by scoutingtitanyeager for a desktop meme? Ho yeah. Okay well this is from my favorite anime and shiz soooo DEAL WITH MY OTP PLZ I JUST CAN’T LEAVE IT ALONE AND SURVIVE!!!

Tagging Random people because I have forgotten a lot of friends.

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And I realized that people have forgotten me already on this blog…… I knew people would forget me they always do…

Send me ☯, manga name, and character and I will do a manga cap of that specific character.
Hange Zoë appreciation post~!     (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 




jaegerbombtastic replied to your post “Sorry guys, I got into a very triggering moment so now my emotions are…”

{ Luv you sweetie <3 }

I lah ya tooo,bro QAQ <3 *hugs and love to ya* I’ll be back soon. Watching Supernatural with my brother…and Sean is on webcam watching with us. XD Sorry for the worry Q3Q


{ Watch all the Supers. Watch them and be happy. Oh lord and Sean will be there with his witty commentary. Twill be perfect <3 }

{{Thankssssss Q3Q *hugs* LOL we’re just cracking up here.  My little brother like find Sean as his new bestie they skype chat now LOL! }}

{ Ommggggg yaaaaasss peeerfect }


skype, sai and gifs are the most dangerous combination